Média Vision

inLibro’s proposed solution was developed around the open source sofware Xibo.

Média Vision is a dynamic digital display software solution allowing you to better manage communication with your patrons via your screens and digital displays.

Koha: Open Source Library Management System



Multiple Digital File Format Support

Média Vision’s content management system provides a wide range of document types:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Live or recorded video
  • Slideshow
  • RSS feed
  • External CSV files
  • Web page

Signage Network Divided in Zones

Média Vision transforms your screens into a display network by dividing them into different zones. A set schedule can be assigned to each zone. You can assign your screens to each zone so that the content is displayed according to a set schedule.

Posting According to a Flexible Calendar

Média Vision possesses a powerful scheduling management system that manages your signage campaigns in a flexible and intuitive manner. A dynamic priority system ensures that alerts are given priority over other scheduled items.


Planned Activation

Média Vision may power up the screens at a specific time and have them go into standby mode when trafic is low.

User Management

Média Vision has a comprehensive user management module. This module allow access to the content management system based on an identifier and a password.

The SAML protocol may be used for user authentication from a centralized system.

Web-based Application

All screen display management, from adding media to managing a schedule, starts with a Web based interface. All you need to manage your signage network is a computer with a Web browser connected to your network.

Windows and Android Clients

A mini computer connected to the screen manages communications with the Média Vision server.

The mini computer can be powered by a Windows or Android operating system.


Média Vision supports various useful widgets

  • Clock
  • Google maps
  • Weather
  • Twitter feeds
  • Financial information
  • Data display

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