Carousel Instructions


This practical plug-in is tailored to enhance collection promotion on your OPAC. Effortlessly generate multiple cover image carousels from lists, reports, or collection codes (952$8 ccode) to increase visibility.

With this plugin, you can adjust carousel order and personalize text and background colors and choose between carousel or scrolling mode to suit your preferences.


If your Koha system currently has a carousel plugin installed, begin by uninstalling the previous version. Next, upload and install the latest version (4.1.6+).


Koha 19.05 and older versions

While generating the carousel, the plugin will insert the code in the OpacMainUserBlock system preference surrounded by HTML tags.

Koha 20.05 and newer versions

In the most recent Koha version, the carousel content code will be added in an OpacMainUserBlock within the HTML customization tools.

Carousel Configuration

Carousel Generation

Carousel mode

example of the carousel mode view

Carousel scrolling mode

example of the scrolling mode view