inLibro’s proposed solution was developed around the open source sofware Libki.

SecureAccess is the solution to managing and using public computers. Libki provides computer security and ensures the independence and confidentiality of your users.

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Online Reservation

SecureAccess allows patrons to manage their reservation of public computers on-site or online. It is also possible to access computers on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can also generate guest accounts. SecureAccess creates identifiers and passwords that you may give to people who want to use public computers but are not pre-registered with your organization.

Access Management

The SIP2 protocol efficiently uses access management with various computers. It is possible to restrict access to several computers according to user characteristics. For example, only users from a specific age group may access the computers, or a user with amounts outstanding may be prevented from using computers.


Flexible Time Frame

It is possible to configure SecureAccess to limit a patron’s consecutive use and set a daily limit.

Your staff can increase or decrease the time used the management interface.


External Software Authentication

In order to offer a centralized software autentication, you can configure SecureAccess to use the SIP2 protocol which is also supported by several library management software.

Printing Management

Printing from the library’s public computers

Sécure Accès can control printing from printers that are available to users. The user must confirm the number of pages and the print cost before printing.

Web printing from the users’ devices

Web printing allows users to print files from their laptop, phone or tablet by going to the library’s Web print page. As with regular printing from the library’s public computers, the cost of the print will be taken from the user’s virtual wallet.

Virtual Wallet and Payment Stations

If you provide users with paying services such as printers, it is possible to manage the payment of the use through a virtual wallet.

Users can manage their own virtual wallet through integrated payment stations to reduce interaction with your staff.

The payment station is accessible through a payment kiosk that connects to the virtual wallet.

Release Station

To insure the confidentiality of their printed documents, users can log into the release station to confirm their print job.


Customized Interface

You can customize the computers’ interface connection by adding your company’s logo, an information banner or other information such as the terms of use.

Management of Computers Across Multiple Locations

SecureAccess manages multiple sites and the time limit will be calculated on computers used for all of the sites.

End-of-Session Warning

Throughout a session, a public computer user is able to see how much time remains before the session ends.

A few minutes before the end of the session, SecureAccess will send a notification to inform the user they will soon have to leave the computer.

Usage Statistics

SecureAccess logs all the necessary information to provide you with public computer usage statistics.

It is also possible to know who used a particular computer at a specific time. This can be useful to investigate questionable or improper use.

Browsing Restrictions and Remote Screen Monitoring

You can restrict access to certain Web sites and also view the screen of a specific computer remotely to make sure users are respecting your terms and conditions while using the public computer. It is also possible to take screen captures and save them to use as evidence in an investigation.

Web-based Management Interface

All computer management starts with a Web based interface. An interface allows you to see which patron is using which computer and how to interact with this patron.

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