PDFtoCover Instructions


This plugin will create a cover image for a bibliographic record from the first page of the PDF file linked in 856$u.


This plug-in requires Koha 17.05 or higher.
To convert PDF files into images, this plug-in uses the pdftocairo binary, found in the libcairo2-dev package. This plug-in will not run without this package installed.

On Ubuntu/Debian :

sudo apt-get install poppler-utils



Launch the job by clicking on “Create thumbnail”.
Koha will show the number of records to be processed.
This number will be updated as records are processed, until the job is completed.

Generation a single cover image

In the bibliographic record, click on “Generate cover image”. 


If the record has more than one 856$u, only the first PDF will be used to create the cover image.