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In some organisations, authority control can be important on informations that are not usually controlled by authorities. Here’s how to add a new authority type in Koha.

Create a new authority type

  • Go to Administration > Authority types
  • Click on “New authority type”
  • Fill out the form
    • Authority type: this is a 10-character code to identify the authority type
    • Description: this is the name of the authority type
    • Summary (optional): this is a summary of the use of this authority type
    • Authority field to copy: this is the field in the authority record that will be copied to the bibliographic record (for example, field 150 of subject authority types is copied to the bibliographic record)
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Next to you new authority type, click on “Actions” and choose “MARC structure”
  • Choose which authority framework you want to copy to your new type.
  • If needed, you can modify the framework (see How to create new MARC framework, it’s the same process for bibliographic frameworks and authority types)

Add authority control to the bibliographic framework

  • Go to Administration > MARC bibliographic framework
  • To the right of the framework, click on “Actions” and choose “MARC structure”
  • Search for the field to which you want to add authority control
  • Click on “Actions” and choose “Subfields”
  • Click on “Edit subfields”
  • In subfield a, click on “Other options (choose one)”

NOTE: Authority control does not work well on subfields other than a.

  • In the “Thesaurus” menu, choose the authority type that matches this field
  • Click on “Sava changes”
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