How to create a new MARC framework

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Koha allows you to have multiple MARC bibliographic frameworks (or cataloging frameworks). You can create new frameworks for different types of materials and their specific MARC fields.

  1. Go to Administration > MARC bibliographic framework
  2. Click New framework
  3. Fill out the new framework form
New framework form
  • Framework code (mandatory): code limited to 4 characters
  • Description (mandatory): name of the framework
  1. Click Submit
  2. Click the Actions button next to the new framework and choose the MARC structure option.
MARC bibliographic frameworks table, the Actions button to the right of the Livre numérique framework is clicked and the cursor is on the MARC Structure option.
  1. Choose the framework to copy, this will serve as the basis for the new framework
Framework to copy choice
  1. Click OK
  2. Edit fields and subfields as needed

Here are some examples of MARC field modifications:

Here are some examples of MARC subfield modifications:


It is not recommended to delete a field. It is preferable to hide its subfields.

Deleting a field may result in data loss. If you have records that currently use this framework, or if you import records with this framework, the contents of this field will be deleted from the records when you edit or import them.


The framework page has several features to make your navigation easier:

  • Search for tag … in framework: this field allows you to search for a specific tag
  • Display only used tags/subfields: this option allows you to minimize the display by hiding tags or subfields that are not used.
  • Show … entries: Koha limits this to 20 by default. Increasing this limit reduces the total number of results pages.
  • Search: allows you to search within the framework (field number, field name, etc.).

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