Change column configuration in loans table

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The loans table in a user’s file is too cluttered for you? Here’s how to configure which columns are shown to suit your needs.

Configure default columns

  1. Go to Administration > Configure columns
  2. Click on “Circulation”
  3. Scroll down to the table titled (id=issues-table)
  4. Check the box “Is hidden by default” next to the columns you want to hide
  • due_date: Due date
  • title: Title
  • item_type: Item type
  • location: Location
  • homebranch: Home library
  • checkout_on: Checked out on
  • checkout_from: Checked out from
  • callno: Call no
  • charge: Charge
  • fine: Fine
  • price: Price
  • checkin: Check in

Temporarily configure columns

  1. In the user’s loan table, click on “Column visibility”
  2. Click on the columns you want to hide

Note: if some columns are already hidden by default, it is possible to display them from this menu.

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