Create a report: Prêt Numérique item with «In transit» status

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This report will generate the current list of electronic items with the status «In transit». Then, manually check in each item to change the status to «Available».

1 Go to > Reports

2. Click on « + Create from SQL »

3. Fill in the form

4. Copy the following text:

        biblio.title AS "Titre", AS "Auteur",
        items.barcode AS "Code-barres",
DATE(branchtransfers.datesent) AS "En transit depuis le",
CONCAT('<a href="/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/', biblionumber, '&itemnumber=', itemnumber, '#edititem', '">Voir le document</a>' ) AS ""
     JOIN items USING(itemnumber)
     JOIN biblio USING(biblionumber)
     datearrived IS NULL

5. Paste the text in the « SQL» box.

6. Click on « Save report ».

7. Click on « Run report»

7. Select your « digital library » name and click on «Run report»

A list of items will appear. Copy an item barcode and check in manually the item.

See: Prêt Numérique: «In Transit» item.

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