How to add a type of fees in a manual invoice form

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1. Go to Administration > Authorized values.

2. In the « Show category » menu, select « MANUAL_INV » list.

3. Click on « New authorized value for « MANUAL_INV ».

4. In the«  Authorized value » box, define the name of the fee.

5. In the « Description » box, fill in the amount.

To display the amount correctly:

It is important to use a decimal point ( . ) instead of a comma to separate decimals.

No need to add a currency symbol since it will be added automatically by the system.

Correct format: 6.5

Incorrect format: 6,50$.

6. Select the library branch where this fee is applicable.

7. Click on « Save ».

The new type of fees should be listed in the manual invoice creator.

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