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Frequently Asked Question:

“Lost and paid item seems to stay in the library user checkout list. How to remove the item from the checkout list?”

When an item is marked as lost, you can choose which action can automatically return the item and removed it from the user account.

To manage this behavior, see the System Preference called: “MarkLostItemsAsReturned.”

1 Go to Administration > System Preferences

2. Search for « MarkLostItemsAsReturned »

3. Select “Items tab of the catalog module” and other wanted behaviors.

These options will determine if lost items are returned:

Holds to pull list : if you mark an item lost from the “Holds to pull list”

(only if your library allows holds on items available from the shelf)

Batch item modification tool : if you mark items as “lost” with this tool, should items be returned?

items tab of the catalog module : ——> this is the item record, where item status are modified; your library staff normally mark item as lost here***

longoverdue cronjob : if you run this longoverdue script, should lost items be returned?

cataloguing an item : if you are cataloging and marking an item as “lost”, should this item be returned?

4. Save all Circulation preferences

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