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Remove lost items from patron checkout list

To remove lost item from patron checkout list, go to the system preference: MarkLostItemsAsReturned and select when it should be returned.

For more information about this system preference, please refer to this article: Lost and paid item in the checkout list

Item replacement cost

If you want to charge patron for a lost item, set the system preference WhenLostChargeReplacementFee to “Charge.”

Koha will apply the replacement cost value defined in the item record.

Default replacement cost

If you prefer to charge a default replacement cost, go to:

Administration > Item type
Select the item type and add a value in “Default replacement cost.”

Then, set the system preference   useDefaultReplacementCost to “Use.”

Item lost Processing/Amnistration fees  (by item types)

To charge processing / admin fees when an item is lost, go to:

Administration > Item type > select an item type category and add a value in “Processing fee (when lost)”  and save.

To customize the processing fee note (message seen in the accounting when the processing fee is applied), go to:
system preference ProcessingFeeNote.

Forgive overdue fees when an item is lost

If you do not want to charge overdue fees when an item is lost. Go to:

Administration > System preference > WhenLostForgiveFine,
select “Forgive” and save.

Automatic credit on return

To enable the automatic credit when a lost item is returned, you need to:

1) activate the “refund policy” — in the circulation rules
2) modify a system preference, called: RefundLostOnReturnControl .

  • Circulation rules:
    • Go to Administration > Circulation and fines rules
    • Scroll down and find the section called: “Default lost item fee refund on return policy” —–> (bellow the circulation rules table)
    • Set the value to “Yes” (to issue automatic credit)
    • Save

  • system preference RefundLostOnReturnControl

This preference is important for multi-branches libraries, specially when each library branch has their own circulation rules.

Therefore, you must specify which (branch) refund rules should be applied.

For example:
A book from the library A (Home library) is transferred to the library B (holding branch/ Current location) to fill an hold request.

Which refund circulation rules should be applied?

Go to Administration > System preferences > RefundLostOnReturnControl

If a lost item is returned, select the (branch) refund rules to apply:

  • Checkin library
  • Item holding branch: current location
  • Item home branch

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