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You must first create file categories. These categories can be anything. You can even create only one category that will contain all the files.

Here are some examples:

  • OPAC
  • Internal


  • Images
  • PDF
  • Videos

Or even:

  • All

To create your categories:

  1. Create a new authorised values category called UPLOAD.
  2. Add values to this new category

Upload files

  1. Go to Tools > Upload
  1. Click “Browse” and choose the file to upload
  2. Choose in which category to put the file

Warning: If you don’t choose a category, this file will be considered “temporary” and will eventually be deleted.

  1. If this file is to be used in the OPAC, check the “Allow public downloads” box
  2. Click “Upload”
  3. Copy the “Hashvalue”

The URL for the file is created like this:

  • URL of the OPAC
  • followed by
  • and ends with the hashvalue of the file

So the URL should look something like this


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