How to configure an automatic localisation change at checkin

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The system preference UpdateItemLocationOnCheckin lets you configure localisation changes that will automatically occur when a document is checked in. For example, you could have the documents that belong to technical services to go into the general collection without having to change them one by one or change them in batch.

Authorised values

First verify your localisation codes in the authorised values

  1. Go to Administration > Authorised values
  2. Choose the LOC catogery

The codes to use are in the “Authorised Values” column

Global system preferences

  1. Go to Administration > Global system preferences
  2. Search for UpdateItemLocationOnCheckin
  3. Click on “Click to modify”
  4. Enter the localisation pairs. The origin location, followed by a column and a space (: ) followed by the desired destination

For example, if you want the location “ST” (technical services) to become “CG” (general collection), write:


Each pair need to be on its own line. For example:

  1. Click on “Save all circulation preferences”

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