New — Koha 19.05: print sequential barcodes

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In the latest Koha 19.05 version, a new printing option was added to the label creator tool. From now on, you can select a range of barcode numbers (example: between 320000001 and 320000051).

1. Go to Tools › Label creator

2. Click on “Add” and select “Barcode range”

3. Select the printing range

from [first barcode] to [last barcode]

4. Select the “Template” and “Layout” of the label to apply, then select the label number (where to start the printing job on the page)

5. Click on “Export”


For more information about the label creator settings, consult this page: How to print spine labels and barcodes.

6. Click on “Download as PDF”

7. Print the PDF file

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